Sunday, May 10, 2009

Trail Camera Photos; What lives in a hole?

After the last post about trail cameras, I decided to post some of my own which were taken last week.
What lives on a mountain, in the forest, in a hole in the ground?
That was the question I asked myself when I happened upon it when hiking. After my disheartening attempt with the last trail camera position, (a total of 0 pictures except of me), I knew this spot was going to be promising. Here the ground had been scattered of rocks and soil from the hole. Did the inhaitant still live there now? I was hoping to find out.

The most difficult part about the spot was the trees were not favored for a camera strap to wrap around. Then if the tree was small enough, it was angled upwards so the camera would not look towards the hole. After moving around a lot, we picked a thin tree above on the hill. The strap was loose to allow the camera to point downhill, and rocks were wedged to keep the camera at the right angle.

Waiting about 2 weeks I was very worried about the camera, because of 2 whole weeks of torrential rail. I set it for 3 pictures at a time. When we retrieved the camera, here is what I saw.
Raccoons and a deer happened to pass by the area. Maybe in the future, I will find a cougar in the picture.


Nancy said...

Couldn't find your email but I think I have a picture that may be a cougar. It was on our trail camera last week.

- clark - said... should be the exact email if you want to send it to me. If you would also tell me where (nearest town or better) of where the picture was taken it would be very helpful.