Monday, February 14, 2011

Camera Trapping at the Kill

The long wait is over to find out about activity near the deer carcass I found recently. I let the camera sit for a month up near the carcass itself (which was just off a trail). In this time we left it we had snow, freezing rain, warm weather and freezing cold, so I was amazed to find the camera working perfectly.

I can now add several animals to the list of creatures I've "camera-trapped." There is a great diversity. Past animals: Deer, Black Bear, Raccoon, Opossum, Woodchuck, squirrel, donkey (seriously), robin, crow, house cat, person.

Now I can add: coyote, Red Tailed Hawk, and Grey Fox to that list.

a red tailed hawk scavenging on the deer:

Grey Fox:

A coyote which I had believed to have eaten on the deer when we first saw the carcass.