Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Chap1: Plants of Plenty

The first thing I always noticed when stepping out of the car was the smell of the area. It wasn't a bad smell, moreover one of clean air and grassy meadows. The scent seemed to be one that is totally unique to that very area, and a strong one that jogs the memory whenever you smell it again. So much is the smell attributed to the area, I can conjure up the scent in my nose whenever I think about the place. The scent that fills the air is the slight fragrance emanating from the many ferns that grow in the area. Likely enough, these are commonly known as, Hay Scented Ferns. They are some of the inviting qualities about the area. Hay-Scented Ferns adorn the edges of the path, and can be found in the forests, with filtered sunlight as well as out in the open fields. Sometimes the fern cover is so thick the entire area will be covered with ferns growing up to your knee.

Ferns aren't the only interesting plant life that can be found in the forest. It was Memorial Day weekend, with and early spring trip to the cabin. Even though all the leaves had been on the trees in Virginia, in West Virginia the leaves were only buds. I had never been to the area this early in the year. Instead of the forest floor being covered with ferns, few, small plants were only beginning to sprout. Along the side of the road, purple and green striped, bell-shaped Jack-in-the-pulpit grow along side of purple, pink and white trillium flowers. These create splashes of color amongst a drab leaf litter background.